As one of the technology partners of the Arrow Certification program, TE Connectivity was interested in promoting their connectivity and sensor technology, specifically among entrepreneurs and campaigners pursuing the Arrow Certification program.

TE utilized their relationship with the Arrow Indiegogo team to look to illustrate how TE connectors and sensors have the durability and reliability needed to bring all the components of a solution together. TE was interested in promoting their sensors in a real-world application, by showcasing a successful Indiegogo campaigner who selected TE sensors and connectors as part of their design.

The Indiegogo campaign that TE selected as a case study of was TheCorpora’s social robot,

In addition to showcasing the benefits of TE Connectivity, Arrow wished to promote the Arrow Certification program, among other entrepreneurs and potential Indiegogo campaigners. The TheCorpora had participated in the Arrow Certification program for their design of

The Arrow Indiegogo team engaged ASPENCORE to create a high impact, custom video, to tell the story of TE as a leader in the connectivity and sensor industry. The goal of the video was to drive awareness and present TheCorpora’s integration of TE sensors and connectors into, as a case study for others considering sensor and connective technology.




July 2017


Video Production



Video | Branding | Motion Graphics


To position TE as a trusted leader in the connectivity and sensor industry, and strategically tell their story to relate to entrepreneurs who are considering TE in their design,ASPENCORE Studio took the approach of having the robot – – narrate the story. With the video being told from the ‘first person’ point of view, became a trusted resource; walking the viewer through the benefits of utilizing TE technology and how TE sensors and connectors solved its biggest design challenges – enabling to recognize objects and interact with humans.

Additionally, ASPENCORE Studio focused on how TheCorpora team took advantage of Arrow’s resources and became Arrow Certified. highlighted the technology validating expertise and confidence The Corpora’s Indiegogo backers received, knowing that TheCorpora and were Arrow Certified.


The solution ASPENCORE Studio created based on the client needs and strategy developed, was a custom, approximately 2:30, 3D animated video. As the video begins, the viewer is introduced to begins walking the viewers through his design and how it is TE connectors and sensors which bring all his components together. ASPENCORE Studio included live footage of a robot, illustrating in a real-world setting how recognizes objects and interacts with humans. Additionally, ASPENCORE Studio developed a 3D model of

With the 3D model, could move around the screen, and detail the TE connectors and sensors that make up his design. ASPENCORE Studio worked closely with TE, as well as Arrow, to develop a voice-over narration script and story boards to ultimately bring the story of TE Connectivity, Arrow Certification and to life.


The resulting video has been used as a promotional piece by both TE Connectivity and Arrow. TE debuted the case study video at their annual conference in the Spring of 2017.

Arrow will be utilizing the piece to further promote and drive awareness of TE Connectivity, the Arrow Certification program and TheCorpora’s Indiegogo campaign on social media and later in 2017.

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