Richard Branson wrote that business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. Arrow ECS, an already successful technology solutions provider, was facing a monumental shift in its market –the acquisition of its major competitor Avnet, by Tech Data. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the purchase by Tech Data would mean it would have to adopt a more volume based model. Which in turn, left Arrow, as the only value added business model in the enterprise computing solutions market.

This presented the dichotomy of both opportunity and challenge. Arrow had the chance to reintroduce itself as a superior service for the long haul but also had the challenge breaking down the perception that competing businesses do the same.


Project V


July 2017


Video Production



Beginning in 2017, Project V for Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS) was a messaging exercise as well as a tactical campaign focused on both existing and prospective customers. It was primarily designed to reflect a changing market place and how Arrow was the preeminent choice being the only value based business model in the category. Deliverables included: messaging, digital performance marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, website design, video, case studies, trend reports, infographic design.

The campaign would demand a careful collaboration across diverse talent, hitting on a coordinated release schedule for maximum impact.


ASPENCORE Studio was recruited to craft a messaging campaign and strategically design a variety of digital executions targeting IT professionals making them aware of this new dynamic. The trick was to speak to a changing landscape and its implications, without calling out its competition. “We didn’t want to go negative –its not our brand, nor our culture” said VP of Marketing, Alan Rubin, “but we needed to create the narrative that things are changing.”

After test driving many concepts the messaging became pretty clear: make a choice. The idea behind it was to make a play against complacency. From Rob Neely “We wanted to implore customers to make a conscious choice. Don’t wait for market to happen to you. Choose who you want to partner with.” So in harnessing some of Arrow’s already existing brand attributes, the messaging became Choose Stability, Growth, Execution, Expertise. Choose Arrow.

A coordinated effort across social media, digital performance advertising, and content marketing directed all traffic to a demand-generation funnel, providing a clear and concise opportunity to connect with Arrow’s business development professionals. Campaign execution leveraged unique content along with retargeting and segmentation to ensure engagement into Arrow ECS’s strengths highlighted on its landing page. Visitors were incentivized to sign up by providing a free Trend report, which helped foster Arrow as an authority figure in its space. Which in turn allowed Arrow to continue the conversation with its audience with a drip campaign of case studies and other relevant content speaking to the industry in general.

Further extending the campaign was the decision render video case studies to foster a more compelling narrative in storytelling. ASPENCORE Studio set out to profile a very successful relationship between Arrow and the Kinney Group. Through research and many interviews, the writers and video team at ASPENCORE Studio were able to craft a documentary style storyline where its partners were the hero and Arrow played the role of facilitator.


Results were a campaign that allowed business reps to reintroduce themselves to existing customers as well as spearheading new discussions with prospective customers and exposing them to a cross section of Arrow business services. It created positive exposure on Twitter and Linkedin but generated very high conversion rates utilizing Adwords. The campaign represented the beginning of Arrow’s Enterprise Computing Solutions as a legitimate brand which is only just the beginning.

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