IBM’s Watson IoT division retained ASPENCORE Studio for a pilot project to develop a series of articles that focused on the many hurdles associated with IoT technologies and how Watson IoT could serve as the solution to these scenarios. This program ran for six months.


IBM Watson


July 2017


Content Production



ASPENCORE Studio worked with IBM Watson IoT to identify two key audiences they wanted to target with this content: value customers and volume customers.

Content created for the value customers was directed at partners via case studies, highlighted quotes within the articles, etc. The goal was to create content that engaged prospects with buying power in their respective companies.

Content created for volume customers was targeted at a more general customer: programmers, engineers, designers, etc. The goal was to create valuable, engaging content that this audience would likely share with those who had buying power in their companies.


The content that was created recognized and addressed both groups’ needs and pain points when it came to the IoT, with Watson IoT serving as the solution to each problem. Content was discovered via a variety of delivery mechanisms, including social media, newsletters, and on-page advertisements.

A collection of articles was referenced at the bottom of each piece in a “Learn More” section meant to encourage further exploration of the topic under the IBM Watson IoT umbrella.

The call-to-action in each article was to have the reader sign up for a free custom trial. This could be achieved via an included hyperlink to the IBM Watson IoT site, where- upon they had to fill out a lead-gen form.


INCREASED AWARENESS Eight articles were produced during the campaign. They were published to ASPENCORE’s various media properties and collectively drew more than 6,000 page views.

ADDED VALUE The client was also provided a ghost-written case study for publication within an IBM-branded asset.

Additionally, ASPENCORE Studio assisted with the request for the creation/promotion of two videos about IBM Watson IoT. During the campaign, these videos drew more than 1,500 views.

CLIENT SATISFACTION At the conclusion of the program, the client sent a note stating that the exposure generated far exceeded expectations. They also shared the appreciation for the knowledge base of the ASPENCORE group, specifically referencing the team’s ability to create content as well as everyone’s deep understanding of the IoT world.

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