By Taylor Pinson, Social Media Specialist

As social media continues to be a key way to grow your brand and increase sales, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your channels. Social media is a place for discovery; 55% of consumers learn about new brands on social (Sprout Social). A few quick tweaks to your social media strategy can output miles worth of growth – even without using any budget. Let’s look into some of the best ways to optimize our social channels. Consider these 5 questions:

1) Is your graphic high quality?

Consider using graphic design platforms to make your content pop. Most apps have a free and premium version; both promise endless opportunities to make expert designs. Including posts with video is a bigger plus; video is eye-catching and often receives more engagement than a still picture. Make sure your posts are clear and grammatically correct.

How does your feed look? Your feed is the first thing that people see when viewing your social media. They take in the colors, fonts, graphics, and make assumptions about your brand. Be consistent to make your feed look uniform and professional.

2) Are your posts engaging?

Along with an excellent graphic, showing personality in your posts is imperative. An audience is more likely to engage with a post that they connect with. Post content that is relevant to your consumer. If your posts do not create value for them, your post engagement will likely be low.

There are tons of ways to create interest with your audience; insert a poll within your post for opinions. Or, ask them to comment their favorite-something below! Do a giveaway, if relevant to your industry, or utilize your story to ask questions.

3) How much are you posting?

83% of marketers believe the quality of social media posts is more important than the quantity (HubSpot). Be meaningful with each post you send out. Do not spam your followers with several updates a day, but do not let them forget about you either.

Are you posting at your brand’s optimal engagement times? Many scheduling platforms often suggest this to you when creating your post, but optimal times will vary for each industry and business model. It is said that the prime times to post on social media overall is 10AM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (Hootsuite).

4) Are you monitoring your account closely?

Don’t miss a chance to make an engagement! If someone comments….respond. If someone shares your post…comment and like. If someone mentions you…interact. “68% of consumers agree that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies” (Sprout Social). This will not only help your account to be favored on their timeline, but it shows you’re active. It’s better to look committed rather than unconcerned. Great customer service is something people notice.

While you’re monitoring, take note of the competition and others relevant to your industry. Be aware of competitors: understand them and differentiate. With other relevant members, share and comment on their posts to be a recognized member of the industry community.

5) Do your posts include a call to action?

Not every post has to have a CTA, but most posts should. Social media is a great tool that can so easily support your goals as a brand. Whatever your goal is, emphasize that in your copy. Before posting to your channels, ask yourself, “what is the goal of this post?”. Entertainment, revenue growth, engagement, and lead generation are just a few focuses.

In conclusion, social media is a tremendous tool to further your brand. As of October 2021, there are 4.55 billion people active on social media (HubSpot). There are endless possibilities to grow your brand natively. Put these quick tips to use in your content for optimization.


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