April 2021  •  Planet Analog is the industry’s only pure play analog-dedicated platform. This highly focused publishing platform keeps an eye on analog industry hot buttons, what analog designers need and want, and what new technologies are being assimilated into analog.

AspenCore is committed to growing the width and depth of advanced analog design insights and techniques to continue to serve our semiconductor and system designer community—both newbies and wizards. With that, AspenCore is bringing more editorial focus and marketing investment to Planet Analog. Focus growth areas for planetanalog.com include:

  • High growth areas in 5G RF, WBG semiconductors, and EV charging
  • Monthly guest blogs from industry expert Bill Schweber
  • Feature-rich content on analog toolsets and design skills
  • Profiles of industry thought leaders and influencers
  • How an analog world can effectively synchronize with the digital world
  • Fundamentals on evergreen topics such as EMI, signal integrity and thermal management
  • How to unlock the analog engineering black magic by providing structured learning for specific segments

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