June 2021  •  With a continuous shift towards digital marketing over the last few years, many marketers may assert that print publications are dead. But is this true? Would brand conscious advertisers still nix print as a viable means for audience nurture post the COVID-19 pandemic?

What we are seeing, post-pandemic, is the need for non-mainstream media and more meaningful content. The isolation we all saw with the pandemic created a huge upsurge in engagement with digital content as a primary means for news, information, and network. Many, so desperate for that digital connection to the real world, overindulged to the point of digital overload, and we saw an explosion of fake news and data privacy issues. “Our digitally fried eyeballs were constantly bombarded with pesky pop-up ads and overloaded hard drives, and an era of no-nonsense media seems long ago and far away.” Now, as we all start to re-emerge back into society and are less reliant on digital mediums, there is a resurgence of niche print publications. With limited circulation, niche print readers find meaningful content by like-minded editors – in essence, a community or circle of trust.

The five core elements of a successful print publication are:
1) It is Positive.
2) It is Free.
3) It is Quality.
4) Content is Fresh.
5) It is Tangible.

As an example, check out our in-demand niche quarterly print publication, EE Times Europe Magazine. As a pan-European circulated publication, EE Times Europe covers news analysis, technology and opinion provided by our team of European & global correspondents.

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