Content carousels are visually appealing, interactive, and generally a great way to promote your business. According to some studies, this content format can drive up to 10 times more traffic to advertiser content than standard content pages.

Specifically, content carousels diffuse any battle on what content is most deserving. With a content carousel, you enable more than one piece of content to occupy the same piece of prime real estate. Here are 5 best practices when investing in a carousel for your content.

1) Turn Off Auto Play. Readers need time to fully comprehend a slide before being introduced to the next. Auto play could impede the buyer’s journey. From a technical standpoint, auto play carousels can interfere with a webpage’s performance by lengthening loading times.

2) Create Easy Navigation. Provide your website users with full control using easy to see navigation tools. The user should also be able to see their progress in the sequence.

3) Be Mobile Friendly. According to Statista, worldwide mobile web traffic has consistently hovered around 50% since 2017. Today’s reader uses a host of devices including, but not limited to: mobile, tablet, and laptops. Website carousels must be responsive. Check images and text to ensure they display properly on various devices. Mobile users have limited options and patience for broken and hard to read or see content.

4) SEO Optimization is Key. The key areas to focus on for search engines are headings and image alt text. Avoid overuse of H1 tags/titles. Too many H1 titles will confuse search engines and negatively impact your ranking. When an image fails to load, alt text can be a saving grace. Be descriptive and specific in your image alt text. Google will crawl and extract the necessary information for the searcher.

5) Curate Content with Intention. Put your best content first to nab and keep users’ attention. Each frame thereafter should speak to one point.

Need prime real estate for hosting your content carousel? AspenCore’s branded content carousels allow our engineering audiences to view and interact with products and/or content assets such as white papers, videos, and case studies – all within the context of featured homepage editorial. The carousel was recently added to Electronic Products, Embedded, Planet Analog and Power Electronics News.

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