By Colleen Heckman, Webinar Producer

Webinars can be a powerful marketing tool when utilized properly. Try to think of your webinar as a valuable opportunity to speak directly to someone in a way they will understand. If engineers are your target audience, you know that they are faced with a number of design challenges today. A webinar allows you the chance to speak directly to them and offer a new perspective or idea on how to address their challenges.

Here are some ideas to consider when developing your next webinar:

1) Engage the audience with interactive polling questions.

Polls are one of many great audience-engagement tools. With polls, you can gauge the audience’s familiarity with the topic, hear common pain points, and develop excitement.

2) Take a multi-media approach.

Incorporating video is a nice way to break up a monotonous voiceover PowerPoint presentation and bring to life what the speaker is articulating. Videos should not be more than a few minutes long. Stay clear of overproduced “commercial type” clips; recorded demos and real-life examples are good options.

3) Continue the conversation with the audience.

A number of customizable engagement and conversion tools are available on the webinar audience console. You can create a simple call-to-action button for an attendee to “request a demo” or “free trial,” or you can invite them to another webinar or live event. Check out online resources to enhance conversation!

Start thinking about how you can elevate your next webinar opportunity. The benefit of working with a trusted media partner, such as AspenCore, is that you will not only be reaching your target audience but engaging with them and driving future sales.


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