By Taylor Pinson, Social Media Specialist 

What is the #1 key to increasing your social media followers? Increase your content’s impressions! As of 2023, there were a recorded 4.9 billion social media users across all platforms. With that many users, there are plenty of chances for you to increase awareness, and therefore increase followers. Here are several notable tactics you can implement:

1) Use hashtags

Hashtags make your content easily discoverable. For example, Instagram profiles with 5,000 followers or less received an average of 36% more reach with hashtags. Also, Tweets with one or two hashtags had a 21% higher retweet rate than those without any hashtags. The small little symbol can make so much progress for your brand. 

Learn more about using hashtags effectively here! 

2) Post engaging content at the optimal frequency 

When creating your post, be intentional with your creative and ad copy. Make sure to use a link, image, or video to supplement your caption; posts without any of these are the least engaging and least likely to be shown to your followers by the platform. To be appealing to the site’s algorithm, don’t over-post. Quality is more important than quantity. Depending on your brand’s goals and account setup, posting more than once a day may not be in your favor.    

3) Post on the right channels at the right times

To make sure you’re posting at the most optimal time, take a look at your follower analytics: Where do most of your followers live? Take the time to dig deep: decide what time makes the most sense to post and see when your followers are most engaged. This may take some testing, but during the early morning or lunchtime have been known to gather the best return. 

Also, not every brand needs to take advantage of every social platform. If it doesn’t make sense for your brand to use Instagram, be active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If LinkedIn and Twitter are where others in your industry are active, stick with those. 

4) Mention relevant accounts

Making use of the platform’s mentioning capability, the @, increases the reach of your content. Because it is best practice for brands to show they are active (liking, commenting on, and sharing content they are mentioned in), using this practice is only in your favor. Your content will become available to thousands of other followers, brand awareness will increase, and the chance of following will escalate. 

5) Run a campaign with AspenCore

Social media advertising is the second biggest market in digital ads. With AspenCore’s accurate targeting and established audience, we deliver high-quality impressions and clicks to your brand’s message. Being the voice of record for the electronics industry, our esteemed brand paired with our paid social know-how is something you definitely want to take advantage of. You’ll receive a mix of native and paid posts, and we’ll value your brand loyalty by tagging your account. With AspenCore, your brand awareness will skyrocket. 

Learn more about advertising opportunities here. 

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