Exhibiting at an in-person event in 2022?  Marketers are always looking for cost efficient and effective ways to get the attention of the audience amongst a sea of other booths. One such way that has gained popularity over the last few years is to create a video experience in your booth.

5 Tips For Building Your Tradeshow Video Experience

  1. Know The Audience: Different types of videos connect with different types of people in different ways.  Know who will be at the trade show and build a video that speaks to that audience.
  2. Seek Attention: Your video is meant to attract people, not take orders.  Create a video that attracts the eye and gives them enough information, but not all, encouraging them to engage with your booth representative.  Ensure your video compliments your booth and marketing materials.
  3. Is Sound an Option? Does the tradeshow allow sound, or will it be too loud to properly hear sound?  Build a video that tells your story visually, without words, or at least could stand alone without words if you must mute.
  4. No Time for a Movie: Videos hosted on the outside of your booth should be no more than 30 seconds and play on a loop.  Videos inside a booth can be a little longer but should be short and concise.  You got them in the booth, goal is to give them enough to get them to want to engage with your booth representative.
  5. Recycle: Why waste a great asset (video).  Leverage your tradeshow videos on your company website, social channels, email marketing and sales enablement tools.

Many companies spend a lot of money on the booth but, unfortunately, don’t leave any budget for creating a video.

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