AspenCore Studio recently created, directed, and produced a new series of brand stories for Arrow Electronics entitled “Dani”. Dani Caverzaschi is a Paralympian and professional tennis player ranked in the top-11 worldwide in the wheelchair division. Off the court, he is an inspirational figure driven to prove that physical differences can serve as advantages in life.

Dani worked with Arrow to develop digital apps, WheelWay and DataRally, to help him and others with disabilities. WheelWay is an Edge-computing application that uses real-time data to help people in wheelchairs navigate cities faster and easier. DataRally is a performance tool that uses sensors to measure Dani’s tennis game shot-by-shot. Filmed in the city of Paris, it is also a difficult location to navigate for someone like Dani. Iconic locations throughout the city became the backdrop for the “Dani” production. The famed French Open tennis court at Roland-Garros was also featured in the story.

Arrow Electronics “Dani” :60

Agency/Creative: AspenCore Studio 
Director/Executive Producer: Steve Urbano
Writers: Joe Verrengia, Cassie Augustine, Jen Hohn
Cinematographer: Scott Hillier for Zs2 Media Group
AspenCore Producer: Brenda Ambrize
Producer: Bertier Luyt
Production Manager: Ludovica Tisi
Editor: Herman Nieuwoudt
Animation/VFX: Dean Friend for New Elm
Music: Nova Nimbus
Sound Design/Mix: Coupe Studios

Client: Arrow Electronics
Project Director: Joe Verrengia
VP, Global Communications: John Hourigan


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