April 2021  •  With a continuous shift towards digital marketing over the last few years, content marketing has emerged as a top strategy for many companies. So what type of assets should you invest in as part of your content portfolio?

Wyzowl, a leader in explainer videos, executed a recent survey showing that when consumers are presented with text and video on the same page, people prefer to watch a video. Specifically, when asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 69% said they’d prefer to watch a short video. And on average in 2021, people watch over 2.5 hours per day of online video.

With that, Wyzowl reports from their video marketer survey participants that:

  • 86% say video increased traffic to their website
  • 83% believe video has contributed to the average time spent on their website
  • 84% say video helped them generate leads
  • 94% believe the videos they used helped increase user understanding of their product/service
  • 78% say video directly increased their sales
  • 87% report that video is, in general, a good return on investment

In summary, video is a must because it increases brand recognition, product/service understanding, SEO, engagement, conversion, leads, and sales. Net-net, return on investment.

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