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Power electronics is playing an increasingly important role in various markets such as automotive, industrial, and consumer. It is an enabling technology for a wide range of new functions that enhance vehicle and smart grid performance, safety, and functionality. Power devices will improve system performance in energy-saving applications, as well as in all high-voltage industrial applications.

This year’s Power Up Virtual Conference will focus on the future of Power Electronics.  It will feature major technical trend keynotes, market requirements, new applications areas, and more. Panel discussions with industry experts, technical presentations about products and solutions.

Interested in sponsoring this in-demand virtual event?  Last year’s Power Up conference attracted over 1800 attendees and this year’s agenda is sure to drive more.  Contact your local AspenCore sales representative now or reach out to Laurie McElroy for more details on the call for papers and how to lock in your spot as an event sponsor.

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