When executed right and targeted well, a webinar provides interesting and valuable information to your target audience.  Webinars are an excellent digital channel for driving awareness and brand credibility, building a relationship with your customers, and securing future customer opportunities.

To ensure you execute your webinar right, avoid these 5 COMMON MISTAKES:

Mistake #1:  Your Webinar is Not Engaging.
Avoid desertion.  Build your webinar to be engaging for your audience.  Leverage audience polling, Q&A, and live chat.  Most importantly ensure your presentation is well-designed and speaker/s are passionate and energetic.

Mistake #2:  Your Webinar is a Selfie
Being too “salesy” will lead to the opposite of your intentions. Do you want to listen to a sales pitch in your free time? Focus on being a thought leader.  Provide educational, valuable information with actionable tips.

Mistake #3:  You Scheduled Your Webinar at The Wrong Time
Webinar experts suggest hosting your webinars between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in your target audience’s primary time zone.  Golden rules are a great place to start, but they are just a start, not a conclusion. Ensure you implement audience engagement tracking and proactively analyze the performance of your webinars and the behavior of your target audience. 

Mistake #4:  You Didn’t Maximize the Promotion of Your Webinar
Your registration and attendance lackluster, why?  Did you give people enough notice of your event and communicate through the right channels?  Best practice is to start promoting your webinar 4-6 weeks out.  There is not a one-size-fits all channel that all audiences use for information mining and communication.  Some engage with social, some with proactive search, some with blogs, others’ newsletters, and even word of mouth.  It is your job to spread the word, have a presence in all those channels to optimize awareness and action.  Multi-touch promotion is a recipe for success. 

Mistake #5:   You Didn’t Respect the Audiences Time
Did you promote a 30 min webinar and wind up going 60 min?  Avoid annoying your audience and possibly impacting your credibility.  On average webinars run 45 min to 60 mins.  Long webinars are not bad, just be honest with the time commitment of your promotion.  Practice your presentation so you start and stop on time. 

Why stress about the do’s, don’ts, and the how’s?  AspenCore offers best in class global and regional turnkey webinar programs custom targeted to your audience.   Webinars targeted to a global or North American-based audience are hosted on TechOnline.com. Webinars targeted to a European audience are hosted on Electronics-Know-How.com. All webinars are backed by integrated marketing programs designed to achieve client registration and attendance goals.

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