August 2021 •  Dynamic content is the next wave of best practices when planning your digital library. Dynamic content is web content that changes based on users’ behavior, preferences, and interests. This type of content serves to improve user experience (UX), relevance, and more personalized messaging.

Dynamic content has the power to draw in your audience, keep them engaged, and keep them wanting more. A study reveals that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide them offers and recommendations that are relevant to their interests. Think Amazon! Nothing is generic. It is interactive, engaging and customized. That is what makes Amazon the powerhouse e-commerce site of today.

At AspenCore, we continue to deliver more immersive experiences. Our new Interactive eBook – think Infographic + In-article experience – takes eBooks to the next level. Our new designs go a step above with fully immersive pages, charts, graphs, videos, and more. The new navigation, now located on the bottom (hamburger menu), has a full-screen menu for more accessible exploration. Each interactive eBook also includes a “live cover” and full back-end analytics.

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